Tuesday , February 27 2024

Tips & Tricks

Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

As breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women now a days, so prevent it by following natural ways. Do your breast self-examination once a month. If you find any changes or abnormalities contact your doctor immediately. Early detection leads to more chances of survival and successful …

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Hair Fall Remedies

Good hair plays an important role in the beauty and personality of a person. Hair fall is a very common issues now a days, as people are not taking good diet which is very essential for good hair growth. There are some vitamins which are very essential for good hair …

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Teeth Whitening Tips.

A bright smile not only looks great but it makes you more attractive. A smile can be very inviting so having a whiter smile is exciting and engaging. For white teeth mix half of a tea spoon of baking soda with half of a tea spoon of water in a …

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Concealer Tricks.

If you want to look totally flawless and use your concealer in best way, try following concealer tricks. If you want to use foundation apply it first as you will remove most of your concealer while applying your foundation, so apply your foundation first and then use concealer you will …

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4 Don’ts after a Break Up

Love is feeling of affection and attachment to someone special. You might have fallen in love with someone at least once in your whole life. The days with love are undoubtedly cheerful, enjoyable and highly exciting for you. Luckily or unluckily, you might have faced break up with your love. …

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