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Promoting Entrepreneurs

Nothing can be done without the Hope and Confidence..!



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Umeedain is working to promote entrepreneurs. We are providing various services to encourage startups.


U-tech creates CMS based dynamic websites and blogs for your business. U-Tech creates your online identity on the World Wide Web to reproduce your professional image and attract the new customers.

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Weekly Umeedain Times is Pakistan’s First Newspaper for Entrepreneurs in Urdu Language. The aim of publication is inspire and teach the aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to encourage startups.

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Umeedain Education System aims to provide education to improve the skills of the students to enable them to serve the market and develop career. This will enhance the abilities and talent to flourish and prosper in their life.

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Umeedain Studio produce short films with a big lessons to encourage and promote entrepreneurs. These short movies are based on motivational scripts and true stories to teach and guide startups.

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Author Account

Umeedain Membership/Author Account enables you to share your article, images, audio, videos on our social sharing web portal. This feature is specially designed for writers.

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Free Business Page

Umeedain Promote Entrepreneurs in Pakistan and World Wide. We Offer Free Business Pages for Startups to provide opportunity to interact with Customers Worldwide.

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Professional Website

Umeedain design and develop professional websites of your business in such a way to make your business the best thing of the world to attract your targeted customers all over the globe.

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