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How to keep your job search confidential

How to keep your job search confidential

How to keep your job search confidential


If you want to conduct a confidential job search and you don’t wish anyone, especially your existing boss, to discover that you are looking for a new job then this article will guide you in keeping your job hunt confidential.

How to keep your job search confidential? It is somewhat tricky. But there are several tips you can use to hunt the job successfully and secretly. Some of the most important tips are as follows:

  • Try not to use your current work email address for job searching. Make the email address that is totally different from y
    our existing id.
  • Do not use office equipments of your current employer. These equipments include office computers, fax machines, and telephones. Keep your job hunt limited to your home computer.
  • Be very conscious in posting your resume online. Post your resume only on job sites where you can easily stay invisible to your employer and keep your contact information confidential.
  • Do not include your company name, job title, contact information, and phone numbers in your resume. Instead, use the job hunting email address and phone number.
  • Define your current employer in general words, for example “pharmaceutical company”. Never use the company name in your resume.
  • When going for the interview, plan to do it either in the morning or in the evening, or you may go in your lunch time. You can also utilize your annual leaves for interviews.
  • Stay quiet after giving the interview. It is important to maintain your current job position secure in case you fail in your job hunt.
  • You should never discontinue giving 100 % of your efforts in your current job work while hunting a new job.
  • You can also use job agents for searching job secretly. This source of finding a new job is much safer as your resume will not be much publicized.
  • Last but not the least; do not tell anything to anyone about your job search, especially to your coworkers, friends, and colleagues, no matter how much you trust them.

Doing your job search is always very hazardous. You need to be very careful because it will keep your stress level to the minimum. Following these guidelines properly will lead you to the secure job hunt, giving you the job of your dreams.

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