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Move or Die – Bruce Lee Success Secrete

Move or Die – Bruce Lee Success Secrete

Move or Die – Bruce Lee Success Secrete

Bruce Lee along his friend run for 3 miles on daily basis. One day Bruce Lee told his friend that we will run for 5 miles today. His friend refused because he is elder than Bruce Lee and have not enough stamina to run for 5 miles. However Bruce Lee convinced him and he agreed.

The run for 4 miles and his friend gave up. He said if he run more then he may be die. Bruce Lee replied: Okay If you cant move than die..!

His friend feel anger on this statement of Bruce Lee and started ruining and finally they both complete 5 miles. Later on his friend asked from Bruce Lee why you used this sentence?

Bruce Lee said because today or later you have to die…! There are no bounderies in real life but if you will limit yourself it may have impact in your life and it may stop yourself. So don’t stop and keep moving with consistence.

There is famous quote of Bruce lee:

Do not pray for an easy life but pray for the strength to endure a difficult one

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