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Aerobics is very good for health as it helps strengthening the muscles which helps in respiration by facilitating the flow of air in and out of the lungs. It also enlarge and strengthen the muscles of heart which improves its efficiency of pumping and reduce the resting heart rate. Aerobics also improves the circulation of the blood in the human body which results in control blood pressure. Due to this exercise the red blood cells increases and facilitate the oxygen transport in the body. It is also very beneficial for mental health as it reduces the stress, depression and increases the cognitive capacity. Aerobics also reduce the risk of diabetes. It is very good for muscles as well since it stores the energy molecules like fats and carbohydrates with in the muscles and improves the ability of muscles to use them during exercise and preserves intramuscular glycogen. So here are some daily aerobic exercises which you can easily do at home.

  1. Stair exercise: The stair training is really good for boosting your cardiovascular stamina. It will shape down your lower body. For 15-20 minutes, walk up and down a flight of stairs. It is a very good warm up exercise. Just see that you maintain a steady pace. You can increase the time later to 30 minutes.Stair case excercise
  2. Skipping: it is very easy and high intensity aerobic workout. During skipping your thighs, shoulders, calves and bottom is targeted. Skipping is very good to burn calories. It’s been said that skipping can burn up to 450 calories in 45 minutes.  Skipping
  3. Squats: squats are a full body work out. If you really want to have a good belly and reduce belly fats do squats on routine basis.  Squats

There are many other aerobic exercises like






Hula hoop


dancing, kickboxing, cycling, running, swimming, skating and much more which are very good for healthy mind and body. If you really want to keep yourself fit do add them in your daily routine exercise.

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