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4 Don’ts after a Break Up

Love is feeling of affection and attachment to someone special. You might have fallen in love with someone at least once in your whole life. The days with love are undoubtedly cheerful, enjoyable and highly exciting for you. Luckily or unluckily, you might have faced break up with your love.

If you are such an individual who has faced break up with his/her love, the following set of don’ts is for you:

  1. Don’t listen Sad as well as Romantic Songs

You love songs as they change your mind and storm you with some special feelings. When you listen to romantic songs you feel like with your love. And after break up you with the feeling of disgrace listen to sad songs that make your mood worse. So, after a break up don’t go for romantic and sad songs as they make you remember the days that you have spent with your love instead you should choose songs that inspire you and listen music that gives you relief.

  1. Don’t sit Idle

The days with love are always unforgettable for anyone. Whenever you sit idle, you deeply fall into the memories of your love. The days when you met first, the days you had first dine, the days when you exchanged gifts make you restless and you cannot get out of such situation. Therefore, try to remain busy with your family especially children as their smile and activities make you happy.

  1. Don’t be Alone

Loneliness is such a situation when no one becomes your company. This is much hard thing as you cannot share you grief with anyone. At this moment you try to be in solitude and remember your “love days” that give you more stress. Avoid such loneliness and become part of your family by spending time with children and especially with mother by helping her in domestic chores.

  1. Don’t remain Silent

After a break up, you become quite silent as you feel there is no one who can feel your pain. Believe me, all of your family members, friends and fellows had passed through such a situation and you have to look for the one with whom you can share your love story. If you don’t find anyone, join little kids at your home and show them your love, play with them, listen their incomplete words and make your life full of joy and happiness.

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Break ups are part of some love stories. Don’t think you are alone in the field of “break up of love”. More than 60% stories face break ups and the lovers recover after some painful days. It’s your time now, prepare yourself for a challenging life and be ready to love yourself.

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