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Arfi Na to Mundaish

English Description: Do not afraid from the Conspiracies and criticism of your rivals..! Its Allah (God) who feed people not humans..! Urdu Description: عرفی نہ تو مندیش زغوغاءے رقیباں آواز سگاں کم نہ کند رزق گداگر اپنے اوپر آوازیں کسنے والوں پر دھیان نہ دیں۔ رزق کا وعدہ اللہ نے …

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Dreams & Success – Maria Meer True Story

Dreams & Success - Maria Meer True Story

Dreams & Success – Maria Meer True Story We normally watch many success stories in movies but we never believe that it could also be happen in real life. Success is not only the part of movies but also in real life. To spread this motivational message we created this …

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Family is not always Blood

This quote is by an unknown author. Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are; the ones who’d do anything to see you smile & Who Love You No Matter What.  

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World’s Most Difficult Job

World's Most Difficult Job by Umeedain On the event of Mother’s day this fake job interview was conducted. People were asked to perform all such kind of work which a mother always do. But candidates denied to do this job. Then they are informed about their mothers did same things …

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Maa Baap Kahin Nahi Jaty

Indian Famous Legend Actor Amitabh Bachan has performed a beautiful act in a commercial of a cement company. The title of this commercial is “Parents always remain with you in your memories” in Urdu/Hindi “Maa baap kahin nahi jaty”. There are heart touching dialogues with superb act of Amitab Bachan. …

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First female pilot of Pakistan

  First female pilot of Pakistan Daughter of Bahawalpur Ayesha farooq. 26 years old brave ayesha farooqi belongs to a middle class family in bahawalpur. After all training and exams now finally she is ready for fighter pilot 7PG-F. There are total 5 female fighter pilots but Ayesha farooq is …

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