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The Secret

The Secret – Book Review

The Secret is a book that discusses law of attraction and explains how you can apply this law in your daily life. This book introduces many people who have achieved their goals by following this law. Includes the opinions of all such people and the experiences gained from their own lives.

The Secret Book has a lot of ideas that are amazing. For example, if you want to achieve your goal, you have to believe that you can achieve it, but feel like you have already done it. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

If you focus on what you don’t want, then you are actually attracting it by the law of attraction. For example, if you focus on something that causes you stress, you will face more situations that cause stress. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis.

The law of attraction is a principle in which the good and bad things you use your energy for begin to happen in your life. Whether it’s your property, relationships, goals and health.

One of the benefits of this book is that it reminds you that you can change your circumstances no matter what. And includes thorough research into conceptual authority.

The Secret Book encourages people to imagine the purpose they want to achieve in life and to believe that they have indeed achieved it. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to go, but believing in yourself is the key to achieving the goal.

This book also encourages you to frame your goal in your mind and your mind will automatically tell you the means and techniques to achieve the goal which you can follow to make your idea a reality.

The book has caused a great deal of controversy, as some Christians find it controversial, as the book also mentions that you can get expensive cars and luxurious houses using the law of attraction while criticizing the focus on material things from a religious point of view.

Some people have also criticized the idea that we are responsible for our situation because of our thinking. However, people who were born into a poor family or who have a birth defect are not to blame for their own circumstances or their own thinking.

The law of attraction is a controversy in itself because it is not scientifically proven. The message of the law of attraction in The Secret is to create your own world. In this book, accidents, diseases and other major problems of life are being challenged as a result of which man can even blame his own existence.

Challenges are a part of life and facing them makes us stronger. So blaming yourself for any reason will not help. However, we can take the help of this book to relieve our stress by embracing its positive aspects.

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