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Importance of Health to Live Happy Life

Importance of Health to Live Happy Life

Health is more important to live a happy life and everyone knows that a healthy body has a healthy mind and a well-known saying is that “Health is wealth” because without health we cannot make a money and cannot enjoy the prosperous life. Let’s discuss more about the importance of health to live happy life.

A million dollar question is how we can make ourselves healthy and fit? Good health depends on numerous things fresh air and sunlight is the most important thing, for fresh air to make yourself habituate for morning walk because fresh air increases our immune system and sunlight supports to produce Vitamin D.

Food is also the important ingredient for a healthy life. Healthy food causes to minimize the health problems and helps to keep the decent life. We should also know that when, how and what to eat. Fruits are more important for the health a common phrase is “An apple a day keeps doctor away”. Green vegetables and juices are also good for health. The most important thing is that to avoid over eating and always remember that a healthy person is not live to eat they eat to live.

Physical activities like Exercise and Sports like Cricket, football, Hockey and many other physical games are also necessary for a healthy life.  Physical activities keep your body strong and your mind also.

A clean environment is also very important for a health so keep your surroundings clean and clear. Every time when you eat, wash your hands properly and also wash the things in which you use to eat. Always eat hygienic food in a hygienic environment. Houses must be sunny and airy to keep the germs away from your houses and always through garbage in the dustbin because cleanliness is the key of a healthy life.

Health is precious thing in the world so love your life and try your best to live a healthy and happy life because if you are healthy then you will always be happy and happiness can’t buy with the money.


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