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How To Clean Your Beauty Blender Properly

How To Clean Your Beauty Blender Properly

How To Clean Your Beauty Blender ProperlyThis is a photo of a dirty beauty blender, full of makeup, gunk, bacteria and what not, ewo!

This is actually a DIY beauty blender cleanser article and steps on how to clean it the right way.

Firstly you would need any dish washing soap and some cleansing oil. Don’t have to go for expensive products like body shop you can use any brands. Here i used the products i found at home. Mix the two ingredients together and voila, your beauty blender cleanser is ready to work it’s magic. Now put your hands on that dirty beauty blender.

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3 Steps to Clean Your Beauty Blender:12804759_10153282052236949_9072079714456764772_n

  1. Soak your beauty blender in warm water.





2. Apply the DIY cleanser on the beauty blender and start massaging it gently, Remember to take    your time with this. The dish washing liquid will clean it to the core and kill the bacteria present in it,

12832561_10153282052286949_7421055979873848695_n after all you use it to wash your dishes right? And you eat in your dishes. The cleansing oil will act to clean stubborn stains and won’t make it dry.






3. Next keep the blender under running water and squeeze it a few times so all of the cleanser is out of it.12800334_10153282052476949_1926070954715258087_n





Here you have your hot pink clean beauty blender! Good as new. 1935996_10153282052491949_6385123555012062087_n

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