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10 Tips for Healthier Hair

10 Tips for Healthier Hair

1. Never wash hair with hot water. Make sure the water temperature is cold. This will prevent hair fall and dandruff. Wear a shower cap when you shower and then wash your hair separately in the sink.

2. Before oiling your hair, warm up the oil in the microwave for a few second. Hot oil will penetrate each strand better until it reaches the root and will make it stronger. This is prevent hair fall and dandruff. When you apply the hot oil, it will massage the scalp and will improve the flow of blood circulation ensuring healthier and thicker hair.

3. Use apple cider vinegar once a month. After washing your hair, dilute apple cider vinegar in water and then pour it over your hair. Avoid the face, especially the eyes. Apple cider vinegar will remove all of the gunk and any left over product in your hair, that will enhance the shine.

4. Brush your hair, 1-2 times a day. And be very gentle. Harsh strokes cause the hair to be rough and an out break of split ends. So make sure you’re very gentle.

5. Wash your hair after every 3-4 days. Your scalp generated natural oil that keeps the hair healthy and moisturised. And the more you get rid of the natural oil the more vulnerable your hair will be.

6. Never condition your hair roots with a heavy conditioner. That is one of the main reasons for hair fall. Just avoid your scalp and root area and condition the rest of the hair.

7. Don’t use a lot of heat. That destroys the hair. If you must use heat make sure you apply a good quality hair protection product before.

8. Untied hair is more prone to split ends and the dirt in them is a prime cause of acne. Tie them up when you can.

9. Use a combination of shampoo or hair wash. There are times when the shampoo you are using is too heavy for your scalp and causes a lot of hair fall. Choose a deep cleansing Shampoo for your scalp and then use the normal one for the rest of your hair.

10. Never tie wet hair.

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