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Fragrance Tricks That You Never Tried On Your Body

Fragrance Tricks That You Never Tried On Your Body

They key point to remember is “Where heat rises, and so does the fragrance.” All the usual spots; wrists, back of the ears, neck and hair are no doubt the traditional pressure points, but are they the only point in your body where heat rises?


  • Your Back: Spray perfume on the back of your neck and your back. Don’t go crazy while doing that, you don’t people to think that you haven’t showered.


  • Your Hip Bones: Believe it or not, this area is one of the warmest of your body and perfume applied here goes upwards to the rest of your body.


  • Your Inner Thighs and Back of Your Thighs: You’ll be enveloped in a delicious bouquet all day. Even better, you’ll leave a sexy scent trail behind you that will make everyone turn heads as you walk by.


  • Your Ankles: During a season that can getsweaty and disgusting fast, it’s nice to have an easy, pretty pick me up at your disposal because that area doesn’t sweat much.

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