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7 Simple Managements Activities you really want To Try

7 Simple Managements Activities you really want To Try

7 Simple Managements Activities you really want To Try

7 Simple Managements Activities you really want To Try

You do a lot of activities to show our best managements skills at all levels. Luckily or unluckily you fail at different occasions. However, here are some simple activities that will definitely help you in managing your activities.

1.       Make a note with a dry erase marker in the laundry room to note things you forget.


In the busy routine of life you often forget to do simple activities like to put your laundry in the dryer. So to combat this hurdle, use a dry erase marker and make a note of such things that you often forget. At the end of the day, you will find all the activities done as the small notes make you remember the tiny works you often forget to do.

2.       Throw out the expired beauty as well as skincare products

beauty products

You use the beauty and skincare products now and then. With the passage of time, the products become useless of expire. You need to throw all such kinds of products that you find useless in your dressing table. It will definitely help you in making your room tidy and clean.

3.       Make a big batch of grab-n-go breakfasts on Sunday night.


Sunday is the day of entertainment and lots of fun. The whole entertaining day ends with lots of happy moments but makes you tired also. You are tired to make a breakfast in short period of time. So you have to make a quick breakfast like Smoothies for your family in order of save your time.

4.       Lay down a layer of wax paper on the tops of cabinets and furniture (especially in the kitchen) to catch greasy dust.

Wax paper

It is hard to keep the household items free of dust. It takes much time to make your cabinets and furniture dust free. Though dust cleaners and other equipments help you a lot in clearing dust, they charge your physical efforts. However a layer of wax paper can help you in getting rid of dust and dirt. You have to put down a layer of wax paper on your precious cabinets and furniture in order of catch the greasy dust. In order to make you kitchen dust free, use wax paper layer in kitchen.

5.       Put Potatoes and Onions in your storeroom, in order to find them quickly

store potatoes

The daily tasks make you full of hassle and worries. You often forget small things and ideas as you have to do several activities simultaneously. While preparing a lunch or dinner you often find it hard to look for the cooking items like potatoes and onions. In order to get rid of such kind of worries, you need to put your potatoes and onions in your storeroom. Doing so, you will remember the necessary items that you need immediately.

6.       Make cover of magazine file to conceal the Internet modem or router.

Make cover of magazine file to conceal the Internet modem or router

You use internet modem or router to use the internet services in your home or office. You often cover your internet modem or router for its safety and avoiding it from dust. Resultantly, you find the problem of weak signal or slow internet connections. In order to combat this problem, use a magazine file to cover the internet modem or router. Besides making your connection secure it you avoid it from dust and dirt.

7.       Designated “crap basket” to each family member

It is hard to put things belonging to various persons living in the same house in one basket. The more the family members, the more will be the hassle. Thus you need to designate a crap basket to each family member in order to sort out things that are relevant to them

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