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It is always observed in RAMZAN BAZARS that most  of the adulterated items  are being sold to customers which are the most poisonous and harmful for the persons/customers for examples

1)-           It is also always  observed that low quality and  Adulterated  BASON  are always being sold in such RAMZAN BAZARS and all persons become illness on using such poisonous and adulterated BASON

2)-            It is also observed  every where   that  Oily  Dates  are being sold to customers  in Ramzan Bazars    while  such   Oily dates are most harmful  and poisonous for the human health.

3)-            It is also  observed that Adulterated spices  are being sold to the customers in such RAMZAN BAZARS.

4)-             It is also observed that Sand mixed and flour mixed sugar  are being sold to customers in RAMZAN BAZARS

Pakory in Ramazan Bazar

5)-           It is also observed  that  all the  flour mills  owners  are  habitual  of  selling   The low quality flour  of rotten wheats  to the persons  of this Islamic country  of Pakistan.  Some Nos  of  flour mills owners  are re mixed the  dried bits  of  ROTIs   with the  flour  of rotten wheats.At presently, only  one  private firm  ENGRO  is supplying good quality  of flour  to the peoples of Pakistan  while all  the owners  of flour mills in  Pakistan  are selling  the low quality  and impure  adulterated flours to the people of the Pakistan .

6)-              The fake bottles  of syrups  and ketchups   etc   are being sold in such Ramzan Bazars

7)-             It is also observed  that in all the bags of the WHITE CHANNA (QABLI CHANNEY)   , there  is always existed  15%   to   20 %age  small stones and crush  mixed  in the  bags  of  white Grams (QABLI CHANEy)  and such  pulses  adulterated   are  being  sold to customers  in RAMZAN BAZARS

8)-               Similarly,  it is also  observed  that The fake  packets  of  low quality  vegetable  GHEE  are being sold to all the customers  at  all  the utility stores  and  RAMZAN BAZARS  in Pakistan

9)-            Similarly, The water mixed  un-tasty meats/beafs   of  sick animals  are being sold in such   RAMZAN BAZARS


10)-                Similarly, the Samoosa and Pakora shops are selling the most poisonous  types  and harmful  Samoosa and  Pakorah  etc  which  are  being Fried   in   low quality banola oil   and  most poisonous oil

11 )-            And   so many   Nos  of   others  eatable  most poisonous, stale, stinky   items  etc   of low qualities  are being  sold  in RAMZAN BAZARS & Utility Stores  c

12)-                Although  there are existed  complaints centres in such bazaars but the incharges  of all complaint centres  are not registering any complaint of the customers   against  the stall hulders because they are receiving  daily bhatta  of Rs 25000  or even more  from all stall holders  of the RAMZAN BAZARS.

13)-              Most of the stall holders  of fruits  and vegetables  sellers  are  the  GOONDA TYPES Persons. They are not allowing any customer  to touch any fruit  and vegetables  and they always sold  rotten fruits and vegetables  to their customers.

14)-               It is also observed that most of the stall holders  are habitual  of insulting customers. Some often, they are speaking in most rudely manners with ladies customers.

15)-             It is also observed  that  most politicians  and  ministers  are some often come in  such   RAMZAN BAZARS  s  with   cardon  off  with a gang  of  security gaurds  and   press  repoters  and press photographers  but such politicians/ministers have never   tried to met any customer  to listen his complaint in the RAMZAN BAZAR .  Such  politicians  come for the photo snips. They  are  not  visiting   in such  RAMZAN BAZARS   for  listening  the greaivances and complaints  of the customers  of the RAMZAN BAZARS   for taking action against stall holders   of the Ramzan Bazars  . Hence  how we can say that  our public representatives   are   serving the peoples  of Pakistan.

Hence  in the light of the above mentioned facts, I will request to Prime Minister  of Pakistan  that such Ramzan Bazars  should  either be closed for ever  or  such Ramzan Bazars  should  be managed under strict control of Army officers.

The following steps should be taken to improve the working system of the Ramzan Bazars

1)-          Every  stall holder  should deposit  a cash security  of Rs 100000/-(  Rs Hundred Thousand)  in the  government treasury   for six months  and such security   money  should  be forfeited  on receiving any complaint  of  the customer of  the  RAMZAN BAZARS

2)-      All the items  should  be  get   checked from the laboratory and stall holders should be lashed  50 Nos  of hard whips on their  bared   backs   if   such items are   found   faked  ,  adulterated  etc


3)-         Similarly, all the inspectors  of local administrations  should also be lashed  50 Nos  of hard whips  on their naked  in addition  to termination from government service  as well as  confiscated  of all pays,pensions and commutations  etc  in order to teach them a serious IBRATNAK lesson  to most corrupted government servants,

4)-         No any politician , minister, and press media persons  should be allowed to visit such  RAMZAN BAZARS  without the permission of Army officers.

5)-        Every stall holders should  be  strictly   bound to wear the batches of their   names    on their chests for identification.

6)-      Every  shop keeper  should be strictly bound  to issue  the    cash memos to every   customer   of the Ramzan  Bazars  by  showing the name  of owners  of stall holders, contact nos etc  on the  cash memos

7)-          No  any stall holder should be allowed to sell  any  low quality,  Fake,  adulterated,   poisonous,  stale   items in the RAMZAN BAZARS

8)-            All  animals   should be slaughtered  in the Army  farms  in the presents  of army officers  for selling good quality  of  meats, beefs  etc   in the  RAMZANBAZARS


9)-           Drastic action should be initiated against all owners  of the flour mills who are habitual  of selling  flours  of rotten and low quality wheats.

10)–   Similarly, most  strict  and drastic    action  should also be taken against  all owners  of sugar mills  who are habitual  of   mixing  sands  and flour  in the sugar bags

11)-        Similarly strict action  should be taken  against  all owners  of  spices mills who are  habitual of  manufacturing   most   harmful,  poisonous  spices  in the RAMZAN BAZARS

12)-        Similarly  in this scorching heat  of the months  of june,  the  ramzan bazaars  should  be opened on the following times

1)                         FROM   6-00  AM   upto   11-00 AM

2)-                        From   5-00  PM  upto  10-00 PM

13)-                  there  should  be recess  from-00 AM  upto  5-00 PM  so that  shopkeepers  should take  a rest  in such scirching heat of hot summer season

14)-                there should  be set up one COMPLAINT Centre  in all the Ramzan Bazars  under control   of Army officers  for promptly redressing  of the complaints  of the customers  on the spot  and concerned stall holder should be lashed on the spot  in order to improve  the working system  of the Ramzan Bazars.

I hope that our Prime Minister  of Pakistan   Mian Nawaz Sharif  ,one true   Muslim  leader  of this Islamic country of Pakistan will take necessary action in order to improve  the working system of RAMZAN BAZ ARS . the people  of this Islamic country of Pakistan  will  be much gratitude  of  Mian Nawaz Sharif  on improving the working system  of Ramzan Bazars.


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