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One Friend is Enough – Life Tips

One Friend is Enough - Life Tips

One Friend is Enough – Life Tips

There was a boy. He always use to spend his time with his friends. His father was very much upset about his future. Because he was wasting his time with unfaithful friends that has an impact on his business work too. One day he asked his son to go to your friend’s home one by one and borrow some money. He did the same and his all friends refused to lend him.

Then he said now lets go to my one and only friend’s home. When they knocked the door and asked the servant to inform his friend. After a while his friend came with money in one hand and Sword in another hand.

He Said you came my home late night. If you need money then take it and If there is any problem then i can go with you to fight for you.

The father told his son that one good friend is enough as compare to thousands unfaithful friends. The boy got the lesson.

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