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Pakistani student with highest ACCA scores in the world

In the Global Professional Accountancy Examination conducted by ACC, Pakistani students not only impressed the world but also made their country feel proud by performing well.

Pakistani student with highest ACCA scores in the world:

In the Financial Reporting Examination held in December 2020, Pakistani student Zara Naeem has got the highest marks and has been declared global Prize Winner.

ACCA’s qualification is not only recognized in 179 countries of the world, but also have a gold standard status in accountancy.

Giving credit for her success to her father, Zara said that her father has always encouraged the girls of the family to fulfill their dreams by breaking down artificial barriers.

Zara’s father, who retired from the military, also has a master’s degree and is excited to see his children to play a key role in the country’s development.

“My father is my role model,” says Zara. I have seen him reaching heights in the military since childhood and that is what inspired me to follow him. My father had won a gold medal in MBA which made me more determined in my intentions and dedicated myself to maintaining his legacy.

Referring to the ACCA selection, Zara said that the ACCA selection was natural for her. Because of the transfer of military officers, their families have to move a few years later. That’s why I always knew that I needed a qualification that would have global mobility.

Refusing to consider accounting and finance as a male profession, Zara said it was no longer the case. Institutions such as the ACCA also give women access, and the number of women in the ACCA is 58%.

Zara has big dreams and plans to start her own consulting firm after gaining ACCA membership. Zara is confident that her internationally recognized qualifications will not make it difficult for her to win international clients.

Despite the global epidemic of coronavirus, the ACCA has managed to conduct 153,000 trials worldwide. However, in view of the government’s advice, precautionary measures were also taken.

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