Wednesday , May 29 2024
New Whatsapp Feature

New Whatsapp Feature to Message Yourself

Now you can be on the same page with your team and never miss a beat. With WhatsApp’s new messaging features, you’ll be able to send messages to yourself and your team members for later viewing.

After being in beta for ages, the Message Yourself button is finally rolling out to the live version of WhatsApp.

As the name suggests, Message Yourself is a new chatting app that lets you chat with yourself. Unlike other chats, this one only displays messages for your eyes — so no one else will see what you’re typing! You can use this to save important information or send files and documents between different devices.

You can share a link to your phone for instance and it will show up on your laptop as well.

WhatsApp has been testing this feature since October when it was first released to the beta version. Other platforms, including Telegram and Slack, have offered it since the beginning. Prior to this update, people have been able to work around its absence by deleting other members of a group in order to create a private conversation for themselves; however, now they should be able to do this much more quickly.

Update: The rollout process is still underway, so the feature isn’t available for some people when writing this article. It hasn’t been released in Pakistan.

There are a number of new minor features that WhatsApp is working on at the moment; some are already available in beta for some users. It might not be long before these features become available for everyone else!

One new feature to group chats will be profile pictures. In the app, members will now be able to see who’s talking so they can follow the conversation more easily. Additionally, there will be a feature in the app that lets you forward messages with captions soon.

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