Tuesday , May 30 2023
Culture of Disbelief

Exploring the Culture of Disbelief: Politics and Religion

The culture of disbelief is an expression that describes the political and social atmosphere in which people are raised to understand and respond to the world around them. It is a term used to describe a diverse range of different factors. However, there is no one-size-fits-all definition for it because it can take many forms. 

For example, some cultures might be described as secular or nonreligious because they have low levels of belief in supernatural beings or authority figures. Other cultures might be described as religious because they have high levels of belief in supernatural entities. The elements that make up the culture of disbelief are almost limitless and depend on the specific location, time period and individuals involved in any given situation. What does seem clear however, is that culture plays a major role in shaping human interaction and response to society at large.

Let’s talk about the western world, here what is taught in books and what is in practice is different altogether, most of the people in Europe have low level of belief in God or the creator of the world. They believe that the world came in to existence through a scientific explosion. However the political system in these countries are strong and they practice it as a religion. They make laws and teach people to follow the laws otherwise strong penalty will be imposed on rule breakers. They have zero tolerance when it comes to animal rights, traffic violation and human right violation but the rape and sexual assault rate is very high in these societies. 

When it comes to Muslim world, most of the nations have monarch system. The democracy doesn’t exist there, if exist it is just symbolic as they don’t enjoy the authority and power. However they have strong belief in God and they practice religion from heart. We have seen human right violations in these countries as rich governs the poor and they do what they like and treat people like animals. The oil rich countries however focus on formulation of rules and regulations that everyone has to follow. They don’t want power to shift to other end of society but still in books they are taught to be on same page. 

So in short we can say that we live in a world of different political and religious belief and everyone has their own way to portray and practice religion and politics. It’s a dirty game. 

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