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Culture of Disbelief

Exploring the Culture of Disbelief: Politics and Religion

The culture of disbelief is an expression that describes the political and social atmosphere in which people are raised and a culture of belief is an expression that people are nurtured to understand the world and respond to its justification. It is a term used to describe the various colors of different factors. However, it has no proper definition as it appears in many forms.

For example, some cultures are defined as secular or non-religious because their beliefs include less belief in supernatural beings or authority figures. Other cultures are may considered religious because of their belief in high level of supernatural beings. The members of a culture of disbelief are almost limitless and their definition depends on a particular place, time and people involved. What is clear, however, is that culture plays an important role in shaping human interactions and shaping society’s responses.

Let’s talk about the western world, here what is taught in books and what is done in practice is completely different, most of the people of Europe have little faith in God or the creator of the world. They believe that the world came into being through a scientific explosion. However, the political system of these countries is strong and they practice it like a religion. They make the rules and teach people to follow the rules otherwise severe punishments are imposed on those who violate the rules. They do not help the state in matters of animal rights, anti-trafficking and human rights violations, but the rate of kidnapping and sexual assault is very high in these societies.

When it comes to the Muslim world, most countries have a Muslim system. Democracy does not exist there, if it exists, it is only as a symbolic symbol because they do not enjoy the opportunity of authority and power. However, they have strong faith in Allah (God) and practice religion wholeheartedly.

We have seen human rights violations in these countries because the rich rule over the poor and do what they want and treat people like animals. However, oil rich countries focus on creating rules and rules that everyone has to follow. They don’t want to transfer authority to the other side of the society but they are taught to be on the same page in the books.

Therefore, in short, we can say that we live in a world of different political and religious beliefs and everyone has their own traditional way of presenting and practicing religion and politics.

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