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FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022! The Controversy Continue…

This year FIFA world cup 2022 has been in news for some unusual reasons. It is one of the biggest sporting event in the world and it has audience of more than 1 billion viewers across the globe. Mostly, it has been set to play in summer but this year due to hot weather in QATAR, FIFA has decided to kick start the event in winters. The previous version of FIFA world cup cost around 15 billion but this year world cup in Qatar is most expensive of all time. It cost around 220 billion USD. The cost that organizers spent on the infrastructure is immense but the revenue it will generate is beyond everyone expectation. 

There are 32 teams that are participating in the year FIFA world cup and they are deserve to be in world cup. They qualify to the tournament via qualifying round. The main omission in this year world cup is Italy. The current European champions failed to qualify for the tournament because of their disastrous qualifying campaign. However with Russia, it is a different scenario, they qualified for the world cup but due to war on Ukraine, they face sanctions from FIFA and are omitted from the tournament due to political reasons. 

Another controversy that hits this year world cup is LGBT armband campaign that most of the world following during the game. However Qatar due to its cultural background and values banned it to wear. The Islamic state respond to FIFA that LGBT is against their cultural and religious values and they will not accept this during the world cup in Qatar. Use of alcohol and other alcoholic brands are ban for both players and supporters in stadium and hotels. 

“FIFA give clear message of people opposing ban on LGBT that whenever an event happen in a country, the organization understand and support the culture and religion of particular country. Same has happened with Qatar as they don’t compromise of their culture and religion, so everyone has to support and cooperate with FIFA on this issue”. A lot of country after the armband controversy try to wear it, but FIFA timely impose the penalty on wearing LGBT armband to refrain itself from any controversy. 

The opening ceremony in previous version of FIFA was star studded and top performer across the globe perform in those ceremony. This time it was different altogether in Qatar. They start the ceremony in pure Islamic manner and it was appreciated among the Muslim world but face a lot of criticism from western world. But as per FIFA every organizing country has right to represent it culture in their own way. 

Let’s see what more to come during this year FIFA world cup. Stay tuned with us for more information!

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