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Google to axe TEXT reminders for calendar events

Google to axe TEXT reminders for calendar events

On 27th June 2015 the Google emailed to its users that today onward, there will be no notification from Google calendar service to its users. The chocolate factory tells the reason behind not sending the txt reminder. They told that the SMS notification from Google service was used when the Smartphone were not discover. But now today’s world, there is a use of new technologies with more efficient techniques. You have Smartphone on which you will get all the notifications quickly even you are offline. This experience is more reliable than the Google calendar service. In the education system and government customer the Google serve work for the txt reminder, but rest of the people use their Smartphone for the services.

There is a basic logic behind the Google argument that the txt remainders are man made services that are discover many year ago. If anyone take the spreadsheet and tally the txt reminders, the Google services are doubtless expensive. Now after the cancellation of goggle calendar service that give txt notifications. The Smartphone become more efficient in this field and people now go for the Smartphone txt reminder. As these Smartphone sent the email to the people when they are unable to get the internet service. It happens most of the time; people do not have approach for the Google calendar service. At that time the Smartphone play the vital role. This is the main reason Google stop sending txt notification after the invention of Smartphone. The Smartphone e are easy to carry and the txt text will receive whenever you need the notification. This kind of service is more safe and easy for use as well. The Google calendar services now no more active among the most people but the education and government customers only go for this service.

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