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Core user of each Social Network

Core user of each Social Network

Who is on facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, snap chat and other network?

It is very essential for the social media marketers to know that. Who is the core user of each social network? This is because by having the information about the users; marketers can able to know that which area should be focus. For this purpose, they use social media marketing software. Those analyze the demographic data and come out with final results. By analyzing the data the supports come out with the results that, women are the dominating personality in social media as usual. The most women dominating platforms in social media is Pinterest and snapchat.in Pinterest they have 42 percent while in snap chat they have 70 percent.

When the supporters see other networks like, Facebook LinkedIn and Instagram .here women make little more even, but they have large percentage of users in above networks. If you go for tweeter you come out with the results that men dominate over the women. Men use more tweeter as compare to women. In the same way if you search for google+, the results shows that men are the most user of this network, making up 74 percent of the total population.

After doing the data analyzing process. The social media marketers came to know that most of the people using these social networks are young people. The age fall between 18 to 29 years old. That is the largest age group of total population in each social network. But LinkedIn is the single network where the older age group falls more. As the people whose age is 30-49 and 50-64 use this platform more as compare to the young people. The people who use LinkedIn have the highest average income.

Snap chat is only the network which is used by young people mostly. Less than 25 years old people prefer this platform.62 percent of the users make up less than $50,000 per year.

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