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Microsoft WIFI another reason to get office 365

Microsoft WIFI another reason to get office 365

As everyone knows that Microsoft wifi is working all over the world through Skype already. This is used by many companies that plan to wireless internet service. This is called Microsoft wifi.This is a new platform that comes out by dropping the brand of skype.The site tells us about the services. It is helpful in enhancing number of hotspots from 2 billion to 10 billion. And available for the office 365 enterprise subscribers. People who buy surface 2 or Microsoft enjoy the bundles of this service.

As this time the website is launch officially. As Microsoft already giving the map details and mission of access points are located there. Such as biongo, Xfinity wifi and gowex hotspots are very famous in US. the access point from BT to cloud are prominent and available in  UK.The payment against this service is depend on you either you includes the minutes of Skype service or you want to pay for this service  alone. It all depends on your choice. By having this Microsoft wifi, your company will have multi-platform approaches by having this app. It will help your company to perform in a better way. It helps the, ios and mac.It will connect you automatically with the wifi within a range regardless of who is operating the service. This service is totally new and very useful service for the companies. Microsoft wifi is very famous in develop countries, where they get many benefits from the wireless internet connection. Though the Skype was working well but this service has more functions and accessible. So now people preferred this service more as compare to skype.The payments for this service are not high. You have to pay the amount that you were paying for the Skype brand.

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