Wednesday , May 29 2024


It is  always   Noticed  that whenever  any  car owner   goes   to any  shopping center  of Rawalpindi, The  shop Keepers are not allowed  any car owner to park  his vehicle in front of   their  shops  and some often they come to blow ( QUARREL)  and misbehaves with the car owners without  any reason.

It is  also  noticed   that  most  of the streets in and around the  shopping centers  of Rawalpindi  ie Moti Bazar, Raja Bazar,  Commercial Market, Dhok  Kale Khan Bazar, Haroon Chowk Bazar, Transformer Chowk  Bazar, Chaw Sultan Bazar, etc  are most narrowed.

It is also Notices that the local  Administration  also  has not  allocated any space for the Car Parkings  for the car owners  in   all the BAZARS  of Rawalpindi. And as such, the car owners  become most uposetted and  worried  when they don’t find any car parking space anywhere in the Bazar.Shoping centres  in Rawalpindi.

car parking

Similarly, there  is  also   no car parking arrangements in any Private  MEDICAL COMPLEXES  ie  AHMED  Medical Complex, Bilal Hospital etc of Sadiqabad Bazar  RAWALPINDI.

In this regard,I will request  to the Chief Minister of Punjab  and Federal Minister  of Interior  that

1)- Car Parking  spaces  May kindly  be set up in all the Bazars  of Rawalpindi on the top priority basis

2)- All the shops of the narrowed  streets  may be shifted in other  spacious vast  streets  of Rawalpindl

3)- That in future, no  any  shop keeper  should be allowed to set up  his shop in any narrowed  street of the residential  area of  Rawalpindi.

4)- A  special  inspection team  of CM Punjab  should check all the  defaulters  Shop Keepers of Rawalpindi who are not   paying full Income Taxes  to the Govt of Pakistan.

-5)- All the shop keepers  of Rawalpindi Bazars  should strictly be warned that they should not   forbade   any car owner  in parking their cars  in front  of their shops.

I hope that  our government of Punjab  will  take  drastic action  against  such  shop owners who  are not allowing any car owner  to park car there  in the streets.

I also  hope  that  our Government       will  also     protect  the  genuine rights  of the car owners  and will arrange for the spaces for the car parking in all shopping centers of Rawalpindi in short possible time  so that   in future   , no any shop keeper will dare to forbade  any   SHARIF Person  car owners while   parking their cars.


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