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Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

As breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women now a days, so prevent it by following natural ways.

  • Do your breast self-examination once a month. If you find any changes or abnormalities contact your doctor immediately. Early detection leads to more chances of survival and successful treatment.
  • Drink almost 8 glasses of pure water daily. Do not use water stored in plastic utensils, as plastic contains contaminants and toxins which may results in cancer producing germs.
  • Do not consume food with preservatives, additives, artificial coloring and chemicals.
  • Try to avoid polluted areas, use an air filter. Breathe deeply, exhaling through the nose. Do aerobic exercise and yoga for good health as it elevates oxygen in our cells.
  • Try to minimize the use of prescription drugs, as drugs clog the liver and have adverse effects on hormone detoxification. Consume herbs whenever possible. As they are very good for health.
  • Do not use laxatives for constipation as it is dangerous. Use natural ways like plenty of water, fiber, fruits and exercises to avoid constipation.
  • Women who do aerobics and yoga regularly have less chances of diseases and stress. Exercises like jumping on a trampoline, stimulates the movement of lymph thus facilitating drainage in the breast. Do more exercises like swimming, dancing, walking, and moving arm.
  • Do not wear tight bras with under wires. Bras cut off the lymph drainage allowing breast to experience longer exposure to toxins. Whenever possible take your bra off.
  • Massage your breasts daily as massage stimulates blood flow and oxygen in the breast and increase lymphatic drainage.
  • Try to consume organic diet as it leads to healthier life.
  • Avoid any harsh deodorant, soaps, detergents, lotion, make-up, hair dye etc. As every chemical you put on your skin enters your body, and increase detoxification requirements.
  • Try to wear natural fabrics as they allow the skin to breath. If you dry clean, air out garments before wearing.

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