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Things You Should not be Doing Immediately After Meal.

Eating healthy diet is very good for health, but there are some others things which should be kept in mind for good health and proper working of systems of your body. There are some things which should not be done after meal to have good health, good digestion and to avoid any kind of disease and problems. Following are some things which shouldn’t be doing immediately after the meal.

Do not smoke after a meal: Smoking is injurious to health but smoking directly after the meal creates more chances of  issues like if you smoke 1 cigarette after a meal its effect becomes equivalent to 10 cigarettes which enhances the risk of cancer 10 times more. It also damages some internal organs and intestine due to outburst of free radical release as the absorption rate increases after meal. So avoid smoking immediately after the meal.


Do not eat fruits immediately: Do not eat fruits along with your meal and immediately after the meal as fruits are little difficult to digest so they cannot be digested easily I the intestine and thus causes the air to bloat in the stomach. Take fruits before or after the meal with a gap of 2-3 hours.



Avoid tea:  Tea leaves contains acids so when tea is taken with meal or immediately after the food it slows down the digestion process ( specially proteins) by hardening them and thus cause digestion issue. So avoid drinking tea after the meal.


Do not take a bath:  Bathing increases your blood flow in the hands legs and body which results in less flow around the stomach which causes digestion issues. It is highly recommended not to bath after eating food.


Don’t go for walk immediately: Walking immediately after a meal cause acid reflex and indigestion as it makes digestive system unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we take. Go for a walk after half an hour of your food.


Don’t sleep: If you go to sleep immediately after your meal it will cause improper digestion which leads to gastric and infection in intestine. People who are habitual of going to sleep after eating are more likely to have acidity and obesity issues. There should be always a gap 1 to 2 hours between your sleep and your meal.


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