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How to Protect facebook account

How to hack facebook account

How to hack facebook account

Do you know your enemies are continuously trying to find a way to hack your account. perhaps you are not aware that if your account get hacked then how much difficult time you can face. not only you but the people in your friend list can also suffer. Social networking websites are very good to keep in touch with friends and families but there are lots of securities issues. Some examples are in front of you like kidnapping, divorce and termination from job.

How to protect your account?

Always make your account with your full name so that no one else can make your fake account. If any one else will make your fake account hten your can easily report against him/her.

Register at Google’s content monitoring alert service with your name. Through this service you will be aware that who is using your content.

Do not click on suspicious links because some sites are spreading virus and will automatically install software in your computer. There are some fake pisshing websites seems like facebook and demand your password. These sites looks real but actually fake.

Don’t give too much personal information on facebook through which some can guess your password. Just like name of fiance, brothers, sisters and parents etc. Always use symbols like @#$& in your password.

Always keep your profile like professionals. Don’t post your daily activities or pictures publicly. because some one can guess your location and routeen. Do not post your pictures which show you drinking alcohol, smoking or any other illegal  & criminal activities. Do remember, once you post then you can just remove it from timeline/profile but it will never be deleted from facebook. You can never delete a post or picture permanently from facebook.

Be sure that you have updated antivirus and firewall as well as your browsers are updated to newest version. Because old browsers are not secure.

Set your privacy. facebook allow you to set privacy but if you will not change it then through automatic default privacy any one will be able to reach you and read your posts. In this way allow only those people to whom you have full trust.

Be careful while making friends. Don’t add unknown people as friend. Be careful while posting and make sure who will see this post.

Always logof because it’s not enough to close browser without signing out. If anyone else will open that browser he/she can change your password.


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