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How to unblock youtube

How to unblock youtube

How to unblock youtube


How to unblock youtube

About Youtube

Only few people know that during 2006 google closed its video service and accuired youtube in 1.65 billion dollors and now youtube is a subsidiry of Google. Due to unavailability of high speed internet youtube was not popular in Pakistan but in 2006-07 video sharing websites become popular and due to light weight and high speed youtube was at the top of the list.

How to unblock youtube

Youtube banned in Pakistan

In the mid of 2012 due to unislamic videos, muslims protests all over the world and like other muslim countries Pakistan also blocked youtube on 17th of September 2012.

On 29 December 2012 youtube unblocked without the permission of Prime Minister. When Media broadcast news about the availability of unislamic content on site then after few hours it’s blocked again.

Pakistan’s Warning to Google

Ministry of Information technology said they threat to google. “If unislamic content not removed from youtube then we will block Google as well in Pakistan”. They further said “We have not planned to block google. however we are trying to use filter and youtube will be unblocked soon”.

Google’s Suggesstions to Pakistan

Google suggest Pakistan to make law and rules with youtube in Pakistan. So that Pakistan will be able to block unwanted content. According to google youtube is working in 49 countries under this law but Pakistan has never ever think about it.

Ways to unblock youtube in Pakistan

Youtube is blocked in Pakistan but still this is the most visited website in Pakistan using proxy websites and software. People have found unlawful ways to open youtube through proxy websites and softwares like hotspotshield etc.

Alternate of Youtube

There are many websites working as alternate of youtube like , etc but some pakistani developers has did an wonderful effort to make ishowtube. is not a video sharing website but through this website you can view all videos available on youtube. The surprizing thing is that google did’nt index this site in search engine. you can never search ishowtube in google search engine.

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