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Exercises for Healthy Body

In hectic life of this present era most people find it hard to reserve a quarter of an hour for exercise every day. Exercise is very important for healthy mind and maintaining your body healthy and efficient. Doing exercise daily maintains good health, strengthen all the joints, increase level of tolerance, immunity and resistance, improves our digestion process and keeps us fit, healthy and active. Here are some easy exercises which one can do at home with busy routine as they are not time consuming.

  1. Walking is very good for health as it has many benefits, it helps in digestion of food, increase your blood circulation keeps you fit and healthy, increase your stamina. If the weather is wonderful go outside and enjoy the weather while you exercise else just walk around the house a few times. walikng
  2. Jogging is very good and easy exercise, it is very good for your heart you can jog in place at home while listening music or watching TV.jogging
  3. Squats is very good exercise for your legs you just have to do sit ups. Pushups are very good for building arm strength and muscles in your chest area. Squats
  4. You can do push-ups on your knees instead of keeping your legs straight and can do them standing up against the wall. push ups
  5. There are some exercises for the muscles like exercise for neck in which one should stand straight, first bend your neck slowly towards front make sure your neck should be bent till the chin almost touches he chest. Then lift your neck gradually, when the neck and head returns in the original position the neck should be stretched and head titled back to look up towards the sky you should stand in this position for couple of seconds then after returning in original position turn your face towards left try stretching neck further in the left side. Then turn your neck towards right in same manner it will help you relaxing and strengthening your muscles.

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