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Benefits of Nuts

Benefits of Nuts

Different nuts have different nutritional and health benefits. Everyone should have nuts as a part of balanced diet since it provides various vitamins, calcium, proteins and specific amount of fat that is good for body. Some of the benefits of different nuts are listed below:


Almonds are high in calcium and vitamin E. Calcium Is required by bones and teeth so people are allergic to dairy products or who cannot take milk on regular basis should take almonds on regularly to improve the strength of bones and teeth. It is also good for improving the skin. At the same time very beneficial in protecting from heart diseases and ensures heart health.


They provide a good level of protein, zinc, iron and high level of magnesium. Cashews are very tasty and rich in minerals that can provide the body with necessary amount of energy and it is also good for strengthening of brain which can help in retaining memory, prevents from memory loss and improve recalling. So instead of using other snacks we should replace it from cashews which are definitely a healthy choice.


Pistachios contain high level of vitamin B6, Fibre, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Potassium. These minerals are good for eyesight, hair growth and keeping hormones stable. Pistachios can be used in different dishes that will not only enhance the taste and aroma but also provides numerous health benefits.


Walnuts are rich in Omega-3 that can only be find in fish which has numerous benefits such as glowing skin, shiny hair etc so people allergic to fish or who cannot have it for any other reason can have Walnuts as an alternative. It also contains heart friendly fats which are good for heart health; it can fight cancer and maintain a normal cholesterol level in the body.

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