Wednesday , May 29 2024
Yahoo name will become history

Yahoo name will become history

Yahoo name will become history

Yahoo has gone through a lot of financial difficulties and it has been a tough time for the bad guys to lose their account information.

Despite being one of the long-established companies, Yahoo has been in a great deal of financial difficulties recently and has been having a hard time getting its account information into the hands of malicious people, and Yahoo is preparing to open a white page with the purchase of Verizon’s company.

After the purchase of Verizon, the current CEO, Marissa Mayer, is said to quit the CEO role, and other members of the executive board are told to make changes.

It is not yet known what the mission is to say that Mayer will continue to work for a new position in the company.

Recently, with the scandals, Yahoo is often mentioned, and it is said that the name will come into conflict with the new name of the company. Details about when the purchase will take place remain unclear.

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