Friday , June 14 2024
Windows 10 Cloud Shaping

Windows 10 Cloud Shaping!

Windows 10 Cloud Shaping!

Working with “Windows 10 Cloud” started to leak a few days ago, is a little more obvious with this new discovery!

We learned recently that Microsoft is working on a version of Windows 10, called “Windows 10 Cloud,” which is similar to Windows RT, but can only run theses applications. Screen shots of this operating system and even a video were leaked.

A more capable version of Windows 10 Cloud, which is expected to be free, is expected to be upgraded for a fee. According to MSPoweruser, it is possible to upgrade from Windows 10 Cloud to Windows 10 Pro. For this you only need to purchase Windows 10 Pro from the Store.

When you run any x86 application on the Windows 10 Cloud (32-bit programs, or almost all programs), you get an error message “This application is not designed for Windows Cloud”. There is also a phrase in the message: “Do you still want to install this application?

When you click on the link in the message, the Store opens and you see the option to “Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro”. However, it should be noted that the following message is displayed in the Store: “You can not buy Windows 10 Pro depending on the version of Windows 10 you are using.” The reason for this message is that the Store infrastructure to upgrade from Cloud to Pro is not yet available. It is not clear how much upgrading will cost.

The Windows 10 Cloud is not yet officially released by Microsoft, but the hacks give clues that Windows 10 Cloud will be a version that allows Windows 10 to log in.

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