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IPhone 8 is the most expensive

IPhone 8 is the most expensive

IPhone 8 is the most expensive!

The new iPhone, which represents Apple’s 10th year of the iPhone, can be a little shocked by the price it claims to be!

If you are planning to buy the newest iPhone in September, it’s a good idea to start saving money already. By comparison, Apple’s tenth-year exclusive iPhone model will cost $ 1,000.
If Fast Company’s claim is true, the new iPhone will be even more expensive than the most expensive iPhone 7 Plus of 256GB sold at $ 969, excluding tax. We heard that iPhone 8 could come with an OLED display, its screen could be “borderless”, the physical home button can be removed, and the button can be hidden under the screen. All of this and the surprises that Apple can make are likely to increase the price. This year we have the possibility to see three different iPhones that use different screen sizes and different display technologies.
We know that the price of the $ 1,000 iPhone in Turkey can reach the level that makes it lick. So, are you thinking about putting all that money into the new iPhone? You can share your thoughts with us in comments.

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