Monday , July 22 2024

Three bombs on Whatsapp!

Three bombs on Whatsapp!

WhatsApp has recently rolled out features for iOS that have long been a fan of Android. What features came to Whatsapp?

Whatsapp recently launched iOS with over 10 simultaneous photo sharing and internet connectionless messaging for the Androids.

There are three new features. With the Whatsapp iOS version update, the “Send” button will be active when there is no active internet connection. Messages will also be sent when there is no internet connection on this page. The messages will be forwarded to the other party when the internet connection becomes active again. The second feature added is about storage.

The redesigned data usage screen will make the phone’s storage space more manageable. The desired message types in a particular chat can be cleared from the settings. The last feature developed with the latest update is the increase in the number of file shares. It is now possible to send 10 photos at a time, which makes it possible to send 30 photos or videos at a time.

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