Friday , June 14 2024

Telenor to Shutdown Sales and Service Center across Pakistan

Telenor to shutdown 17 service and sales center in Pakistan? The news is coming….lets check the whole story here….

Well, this news has come like a shock to many; Telenor is among the leading cellular network in Pakistan. The customer base is around 36 million and they have decided to shut down many sale and service centers across country.

According to sources, it is believed that company is going to shut down 17 of its owned service center in Pakistan but (third party) franchises will stay active and provide support to the customers. There are 289 service center still remaining to serve the customers in Pakistan and company believe that the numbers are enough to handle customers and it will not create any vacuum.


Moreover, according to company, they believe that customers are now well aware of tackling issues with latest apps and paid help portals, it means customers are self-reliant.

The only issue company has to face is to compensate 200 employees who are going to lose their jobs after closing down these 17 service centers.

Telenor said, they will offer compensation that includes gross salaries and other allowances like medical and annual bonuses and gratuity to employees as per company policy.  Company said, they will follow the compensation rule as per policy so that process will be performing in smooth manner.

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