Wednesday , May 29 2024

High Definition video meets Twitter

High Definition video meets Twitter

The social media giant enables HD video viewing for Twitter mobile users. Users wishing to switch to new apps on mobile devices and tablets need to turn on high-resolution video settings in the custom settings section.

Twitter is still making updates in the direction of the users who put the night mode application in the past days. Due to a significant increase in the number of mobile users, social media has decided to increase its mobile performance and it has taken action for giant HD videos.

Executives who have increased their research to meet the videos in the tweets with a better quality have recently introduced HD video. With the new application, users will be able to determine the quality of the videos they will watch.

How to use video watch feature in Twitter HD quality

After logging in with the account, the user who clicked on the tab must come to the settings section and turn on the data feature. Users who turn on the “Allow high-quality video” feature on the screen will be able to watch the videos in the tweets in HD quality.

At this time, you learned that the built-in feature for mobile devices and tablets will not be available for desktop computers. Laptops and desktop computers can be watched at high quality as the videos are not subjected to compression.

A while ago, it was stated that Twitter was going to get rid of the 140 character limit, which is the biggest feature since its founding, but it has not come a tangible step from the institution.

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