Wednesday , April 24 2024
New era begins in Instagram

New era begins in Instagram

New era begins in Instagram

The statistics and advertising features for the Instagram Story feature have been announced. Now you can advertise in Instagram stories, and statistics of the content will also be visible.
The Instagram Stories used by 100 million people a day in October are used by 150 million people a day today. Explaining that one of every five stories received a direct message from the audience, Facebook emphasized that they are particularly ambitious about interaction.

Facebook will quickly earn money from advertisements by adding to the Instagram and growing narrative features. Instagram will now show ads in the stories. At the point of receiving links from stories and communicating with companies via direct message, companies will be presented with additional facilities different from the demonstration.

About 70 percent of people who use Instagram follow an enterprise, and one-third of the most-watched stories on the platform are stories shared by businesses.
About 70 percent of the stories are audible, while 25 percent are made up of Boomerang videos. Therefore, Instagram is a serious portal for Facebook.

Through Story Stats, which are offered globally, businesses that have a business profile in Instagram will be able to view data such as access, interaction, responses, and display numbers for each story. By viewing these stats, they will be able to create more meaningful content for them that is more relevant to their target audience.

Instagram is also beginning to test full-screen ads in stories. Ads that will have features like targeting, access and measurement will be able to create content tailored to the interests of people watching business stories. Given the fact that about 70 percent of the stories are audible, container, full-screen ads provide a familiarity that people have never experienced before.

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