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Getting up early in the morning of 8 tested prescription

Getting up early in the morning of 8 tested prescription


Do not open your eye on the morning time? or many of them several times to set the alarm? so you have to try these recipes.

Sleep on time:

The eye opening is the biggest reason, the lack of sleep. A good start in the morning, depending on the preparation. If you go to bed if you want to go to sleep in the valleys, tablet or other electronic devices are not in bed with him.

Good sleep:

For an adult, from 7 to 9 hours of sleep is required. If you have broken your sleep at night, go to bed on time even go awry 8 hours. According to doctors, the drjhٴ bedroom temperature should be between 18 and 22 degrees. It more or less sleep is affected.

Eat light dinner:

Eat light at night. Too much food the body cannot sleep until well until the food is not digested. At night after dinner tea or coffee is absolutely not. His sleep is bad. A hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning sleep are the best way to open.

Keep away from the alarm:

If your alarm if you are very close bed it will stop after 5 minutes and then gold will continue to strive.

Alarm as favorite tune selection:

The lyrics of a song of your choice alarm can sound the alarm, but the fun will not hurt you. Early the next morning with your choice of songs jump sleep may help in the fight.

Raised the question:

The heart will then leave the bed, when you get up to no good reason. You call a friend to exercise with you or your waking time on TV and radio in the morning can connect to a program, you might miss when you are sleeping.

Water splashes:

Wash with cold water to wake her. It would be broken sleep. The alarm clock can be placed near the bathroom so the alarm went off and I wash the mouth. Then do not go to bed.

Cool spoon:

Place in the refrigerator overnight to two teaspoons morning sleep and keep your eye on this spoon. Here you will find all the sleepless and you will be refreshed.

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