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The 6 main foods stimulate the brain refine

The 6 main foods stimulate the brain refine

The 6 main foods stimulate the brain refine


According to experts, some fruits and foods enhance not only the mind but also keeps mental and psychiatric diseases like dementia. Doctors and nutritional experts said that The 6 main foods stimulate the brain refine are tonic to accelerate and improve the brain.

Olive Oil:

10 to 15 percent saturated in olive oil 2 thirds of this amount fats are fatty acids that are beneficial to both the heart and brain. A mixture of poly phenols in olive oil, which is found in some studies prevents dementia and other mental disorders. According to experts, below 125 degrees cooking oil, its main nutrients are not lost.

Citrus fruits:

Tangerine, orange and grapefruit the ingredients which are found in the brain protect, enhance this part of the brain chemicals that are involved in thinking and memory and even prevent the disease called dementia. Moreover, these fruits are found in the brain to stimulate anti-aksydnts also from several mental disorders.

According to a study by King’s College London, orange and grapefruit to use 19 percent lower risk of stroke than women can.

Dried fruits:

Dried fruit category omega-three fatty acids, vitamin E and are beneficial fats that are beneficial to the overall health of the brain. Dried fruit, all the necessary ingredients are present to the mind, the daily 30 grams of dried fruit, if eaten tremendous effects. After 30 years, the study found that women who eat fruits 5 times a week in their focus, concentration and ability to recall a product, much higher than other women do. Almonds and walnuts in a dry fruits must be included when their use helps to reduce weight.


Fish, omega-three fatty acids, iodine, vitamin D and other essential nutrients are found. It has also been proven that people who eat fish are larger brain. After a study found that eating fish has a positive effect on memory, pregnant women eat fish several key benefits that can fish salmon is very important.

Visible in everyday life.


Chocolate for the critical role of thinking. The basic ingredient of chocolate and cocoa to the effective ingredient found in the mind, but according to experts bitter deep hue can get more benefits from eating chocolate.

On the other hand, it is active and the mood is good, but all the experts believe that this is the right thing to use pure dark chocolate brown.


Strawberry, raspberry, Bluebeard, cherry and red and black grapes and the memorandum are intensifying. Bluebeard and extended Memorandum of blood in the brain and improves the ability to understand and the reader may be better for the children. When Professor Jeremy Spencer of Reading University Students Blue berry juice drink improved their capacity by 11%. It is necessary to work three to four hours before a cerebral strawberry, Bluebeard and other berries are broad.

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