Wednesday , May 29 2024
WhatsApp is sharing your messages

WhatsApp is sharing your messages?

WhatsApp is sharing your messages?

It was alleged that WhatsApp had unknowingly shared the sent messages

WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform of today, was court-martialed by the German Consumer Protection Association, claiming that users are sharing their phone numbers illegally with Facebook.

According to the Consumer Protection Association, whatsApp claimed to violate the law with the user and data protection materials it reorganized in August.

With this arrangement, WhatsApp appeared to be incompatible with the law, where users relayed their information to Facebook.

As you recall, WhatsApp has publicly announced that in August we will combine the numbers of users with Facebook.

However, the Consumer Protection Association has announced that WhatsApp is suing the giant company to defend consumers’ rights, citing that the information is shared regardless of whether or not users are Facebook accounts.

According to the news from, the Conservation Union stated that “Every consumer should be able to decide how to use their own personal data.”

No official explanation has yet been given from the authorities. However, the authorities will make an official statement on this case as soon as possible.

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