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How Important Facebook Page is for your Business?

How Important Facebook Page is for your Business?

“Facebook Page Promotion Tips”

Today almost every blog or organization has their own face book page. Facebook page helps to engage the potential followers to get engaged with you. Here I am going to share some tips to promote your facebook page.

  • Post multiple status and latest updates on your page:

We basically make facebook page for our customers and followers. If you want your followers to learn about you keep updating them with the latest updates and keep reminding them about your recent activities. To engage your customer in your face book page arrange contests for them and make announcements on multiple social media platforms.  And also try to add some eye catching posters or images on your page to attract the followers. The more followers you try to engage is better for the promotion of your page.

  • Ask for captions on different images:

To engage your customers and driver interaction ask them for a fun laugh out captions of given photos by you. They make come up with some amazing ideas. Appreciate them so that they encourage their friends to follow your page.  Add some colorful contents and some captivating call to action graphic. You just need to seal the deal!

  • Share some interesting content once in a week:

Besides your basic purpose, share some fun and interesting facts about different things for your followers. Share some deep secret contents with your followers. Post such tidbits that they won’t find on any other page. This will show your followers that you care for them and value them. Who doesn’t want such importance?

  • Ask Questions frequently:

Today youth loves to get heard and get their views out to world. Take advantage from this and ask different questions into your posts and updates for the sake of engaging them in your page. But make sure that the question you put are simple enough to be answered. Don’t make them fell answering any SATs quiz on face book.

  • #Hash Out everything:

Who is not aware of hash tags? It is the best promotion tool on social plat forms. You can make best use of hash tags for categorizing your post according to the topics. With help of hash tags you can jump into your customer’s conversation and learn about their views.

  • Check face book insights at least once in a month:

Facebook insight helps you to measure your success and popularity in terms of likes and share. With the help of data you can measure that where you standing and what are steps you should take next.

  • Try to concise your posts:

Just don’t worry about the number of posts you upload on your page. Only 20% of followers hardly read each and every word of your post. Keep posting frequently and consistently. The more you do the post, the more are the chances that your followers will develop interest. Don’t write lengthy counter parts. Make your posts short and concise.


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