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Top places and cities to be seen in Europe

Travelling isn’t just about amusement and adventure but it teaches perfect lessons and leave lasting impression on our lives. If someone asks me about travelling and my love for cruise; I have one simple answer that I enjoy adventure while attaining knowledge. Anyhow, I guess we are deviating from basic theme of this draft and I should guide you back while mentioning tourism spots in Europe.

When we consider Europe; actually we are considering one whole continent that comprises of Eurasia and westernmost Peninsula. There are fifty recognized countries in Europe and it also contains six partially recognized states. Euro is the widely accepted currency in Europe or you can even call it as central currency that is almost accepted everywhere in any European countries. Well, it’s impossible for me to list individual places that are worth seeing in Europe. However, I will be listing almost twenty top cities that you should not miss while exploring the geographical boundaries of Europe.

Cities to love

Everyone thinks of Amsterdam, Paris, London and other cities. Yes, these are the big targets and you should not miss them out. You can enjoy scrumptious street food, cozy cafes, hip hostels and explore new cultures between the busy streets of these big cities. However, there are more options to explore including Berlin, Riga, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest, Fira, Oslo, Cesky Krumlov, Barcelona, Krakow, Lisbon, Dublin, Lviv, Glasgow, Florence, Rotterdam, Brussels, Reykjavik, Helsinki and Dubrovnik. According to me, these are twenty fabulous cities in Europe that I cannot miss during my journey around Europe. I enjoy heritage, culture, tradition, history, street food, adventure and what not! In short, I love it.


I can say much about each city but I need to limit my gestures just according to allowed word count for this draft. Let’s start with Berlin—-one of the beautiful cities of Germany. I assume it to be a cultural wonderland that includes many art galleries, museums and amazing historic neighborhoods. Like me, you will fall in love with the lovely night view of the city while enjoying light music and dreaming about premium life style.


Riga is one of the amazing cities of Latvia where you can explore one of the UNESCO nominated heritage center and iconic architecture. There are many museums around in the city and you will be amazed to enjoy different festivities. This city offers a lot of adventures that you may haven’t even dreamed. Keep coming back to our website as I will be sharing and discussing more details about rest of the cities listed above.

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