Thursday , September 28 2023


How to Make a Website Secure

How to Make a Website Secure With each passing day we hear new stories about hacking. Most of the people are facing the loss of millions by losing the passwords of their credit cards. Some people lose their email accounts due to such hacking attempts. There are different purposes of …

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How to Get Success?

How to Get Success? Whenever you see people around you are successful it can make you upset. Because they are not better than you but still they are successful and happy. This is the time when you really need to think that what do you do wrong? Every one want …

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Top places and cities to be seen in Europe

Travelling isn’t just about amusement and adventure but it teaches perfect lessons and leave lasting impression on our lives. If someone asks me about travelling and my love for cruise; I have one simple answer that I enjoy adventure while attaining knowledge. Anyhow, I guess we are deviating from basic …

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10 Tips for Healthier Hair

10 Tips for Healthier Hair 1. Never wash hair with hot water. Make sure the water temperature is cold. This will prevent hair fall and dandruff. Wear a shower cap when you shower and then wash your hair separately in the sink. 2. Before oiling your hair, warm up the …

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