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The Palestine conflict

The Palestine conflict

British people made a pact that they will resolve the Palestinian Issue during the World War. Britain secretly supported the Jews party and developed the allies to split up the Ottoman territory with Palestine making part of British Empire, in the mean time Arab leadership was hoping that land would be independent. Palestine belongs to Palestinian by every right and British people had no right to allocate it to someone else. In the late 19th century anti Semitism emerged in France after being potent in Russia. Jews thought they would be only safe in Jewish country giving rise to the Zionism. Many Jews rejected the idea of living in separate state and opted to solve the problem via radical politics or adaptation. Some local Jews in Palestine believe that state could only be created by the God not the humans.

There are two main issues getting on the way. First, there is unavoidable weakening which is creating an ethically privileged state mainly of foreign origin. The population consists of the 96 percent of Muslims and Christians, these refuges are not allowed to return back home in the self claimed Jewish state and they are targeted by the methodical discrimination.  

Israeli forces started the military capturing and exclusion  of the west bank which was owned privately and controlling over Gaza is highly  domineering with the Palestinian people where men, women, children  and they have been held in prisons in Israel  for the trial of physical abuse,  torture which could leave Muslims oppressive.

Western Media has portrayed the Palestine-Israel Conflict as a rivalry among the two on security of border and terrorism, where Israel stands innocent. Media has gone way beyond in misusing the terminologies and demonstrating false facts regarding even the basic nature of conflict; which is based on colonialism, discrimination, and uneven distribution of power. International Media has the power to demonstrate the truth, but unfortunately it has been focusing on just one side of the story-where Palestine, the colonizer and Israel being colonized. However, it’s the other way round.

The main reason why world is not taking strong steps against the Israel brutal attack on Palestine is ignorance of Muslim world. It has been noticed since last few decades; there is lack of unity among the Muslim world. They ignore the violence on each other because the interests of Muslims have now changed and they are working on the same agenda as the American is. So as a Muslim we can’t blame the American, if someone is to blame then surely its Muslim world.

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