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Do’s and Dont’s for Men Skin Care

Do’s and Dont’s for Men Skin Care. Read this and follow the guidelines

  1. Do Wash your face properly

Make sure you make a good lather or even invest in a good face wash.

  1. Do exfoliate once a week

Using a good face exfoliator or a natural made one does wonders for your skin. It removes the dead skin cells which creates a sexy glow and irresistible smoothness.

  1. Do moisturize

No lady would want to touch that dry flakey face. Use a good oil free moisturizer or if I’m getting too paranoid for you use Vaseline lotion.

  1. Do drink 8 glasses of water

If you want your body to be toxin free of all that early morning caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, drink loads of water.

  1. Do use sun block.

Worried about your tanned complexion? Don’t be! Tried all the fairness creams? Well you’re not doing the main thing; protecting yourself from the deadly sun rays. That’s right, don’t be embarrassed of using sun block. It will protect you from unnecessary tan.

  1. Do get at least 8 hours of sleep

Sleep is a natural way of healing your body, mind and soul. If you are not getting enough sleep it will start showing on your face, by breakouts, lines, and dark circles.

  1. Don’t stress out

Working long hours? Thinking about everything? Worried about the family? Okay, you need a break. And not just one break. You need to take some time out to relax and enjoy. Make sure to go out with your friends, watch tv, go to the gym, take your dog out for a walk, get your wife to give you a back massage. It’ll do you good.

  1. Don’t smoke

Smoking causes cancer, that can be fatal but since we are discussing about skin add yellowed skin to the list of reasons not to light up. Smoking decreases circulation and collagen production, so skin loses its natural coloring and ends up looking sallow and pale (just what a woman wants to see when she wakes up next to you). Plus, smoking can lead to fine lines around the lips.

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