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10 Benefits of Vaseline

Everyone has Vaseline in their homes, but what are the other ways to use this most common household product, give a read! Here is some top benefits of using vaseline…..

  1. Makes your fragrance last longer. Moisturized skin holds scent better, so rub some Vaseline on your pulse points before spray perfume on and you’ll be ready to go the whole day.
  2. An Instant Highlighter. Swap your highlighter for Vaseline. Just dab a small amount on the high points of your face for a dewy, naturally luminous glow. Slide a bit down your shins to make your legs glow too.
  3. Smooth Hair and prevent split ends. Use Vaseline to tame frizz and seal dry split ends, and even to keep unruly eyebrows in place.
  4. Make up remover. Use Vaseline to remove the stubbornness of all kinds of makeup.
  5. Soothe Dry Skin. Smooth Vaseline over cracked heels or dry elbows, slip on a pair of socks, go to sleep, and wake up to healthy, hydrated skin.
  6. Polish Shoes Scuffed shoes? Buff a little Vaseline onto boots, shoes, bags, and any other leather goods that need polishing.
  7. Help Stubborn Studs Glide In. If you don’t wear earrings very often, those holes can become troublesome. Rub Vaseline over your ear lobes and the earring first to help it slide in painlessly. Vaseline also takes off stuck-on rings.
  8. Pen your stuck nail polish. Using a smidge of Vaseline on the bottle’s thread will ensure it’s ready to open at game time.
  9. To soothe dry cuticles. Use a pea-size amount of Vaseline for all ten fingers to soften and soothe scraggly, cracked cuticles.
  10. Natural body scrub mixed with sugar.

These are top 10 benefits of using vaseline, i hope you will try to follow these and apply these in your life.

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