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Benefits of Milk

Benefits of Milk

Milk is a complete diet; infants have milk that provides them with all the necessary amount of minerals which is required by their bodies. When we get older we do not have milk on regular basis which is not right since our bodies still need these minerals on regular basis to ensure complete health. Milk is rich in Calcium, Choline, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Riboflavin and Vitamin D. these minerals are very important to maintain strong bones and teeth, hearth health, fighting Cancer, maintaining normal blood pressure and fighting depression. So the nutritional value of milk demands to be taken on regular basis to maintain good health. Some of these benefits of milk are explained below.

Strong Bones and Teeth:

Milk is rich in Calcium which is very important for building strong teeth and bones. Bones loose calcium and this calcium should be taken on regular basis so that this level can be maintained. Calcium is also important for building strong teeth, or else teeth can build cavities, sensitivity or even tooth decay.

Smooth Skin:

Milk contains Lactic Acid that helps the skin look smooth and beautiful. If a person takes milk, twice or more than that in a day, he/she can fairly see the difference. The skin after few days will starting to glow and will look flawless.

Stress Relief:

Milk contains Vitamin D, and the deficiency of Vitamin D can result in stress n depression. so if u end your day having a good cup of milk it will help relief all your stress and tensions of the day, you muscles will get relax and boost your energy to get a good night sleep.

Building Muscles:

Regular intake of milk can help building muscles, since milk provide high contents of minerals and a natural source of protein more than any protein drink it can fulfill the muscle building requirements of the body.


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