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Benefits of Honey

Benefits of Honey

Nature has its own way of astonishing us when it comes to evaluation of their attributes and health benefits. Perfect cures f or many diseases have been found in it with an extra advantage of no side effects or chemical reactions.

Honey, its benefit is innumerable and perfect source of energy and strength for our body. Its effectiveness can be judged by its contribution in boosting the energy, performance, lasting power and a way to reduce muscle exhaustion especially during workouts.

Moreover it consist carcinogen that helps to avoid tumor and cancer. A major topic of concern for many people that is cancer, researchers have proved that honey is perfect agent for chemotherapeutic. Practically it has been tested for breast, liver and colorectal cancer cells.

Furthermore it is considered to be the best home remedy for yeast infection, sore throat, athlete, muscle pains along with a good solution to make skin soft and pimple free. Combination with other natural products has resulted in very effective cures such as with cinnamon it’s a solution for hair fall and bad breath, with lemon a weight loss tip and with milk a promotion of good digestion.

Highlighting its nutritious value, sucrose and water is mainly the nectar contains. It’s a source of carbohydrates consisting of 18 % water, 2% vitamins, minerals and 80% natural sugar. Thiamin , B6 , pantothenic acid , riboflavin , niacin are the vitamins it contains with calcium , copper , magnesium , potassium , zinc and phosphorus  minerals  which all result in maximum benefits to the health and  beauty of the consumers.

Usually people get confuse about the daily dose of honey. You can’t eat as much as you desire but ideally it is recommended not more than ten teaspoons in the case of balanced diet in order to get the expected results from its consumption.

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