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Importance of exercise

Importance of Exercise

Importance of exercise

Exercise is an activity that one performs to keep himself fit and healthy.  Different exercises help us in keeping us physically fit others give us mental peace. Some exercises improve sex drive. So, whatever the exercise is, it helps us in one way or the other.

Importance of Exercise

Weight Loss

Exercises burn calories. Calories are main causes of fats in a body. Daily simple exercises help us in burning our calories resulting in weight loss. Simple exercise like moving up and down the stairs instead of using lift can help us in reducing weight.

Mental Peace

Every one desires for mental satisfaction. Exercises help us in attaining mental peace and satisfaction. Exercises can change mood and lowers the daily tiredness. Clapping is one of those simple exercises that can cause a useful change in our mood.

Avoid Diseases

Diseases like depression, stress and dementia are common now-a-days. One of the simple ways to get rid of these diseases is proper exercise. Exercising helps in maintaining blood pressure in body. Moreover, it makes body physically fit and mentally sound that result in avoiding such diseases. The risk of severe diseases like cancer, heart attack, diabetes and fracture can be reduces by proper exercising.

One has to perform 150 hours of exercise per week to keep him physically fit and mentally active. Those who perform different physical task enjoy sound health as they are doing some king of exercise daily. Thus, a physically performed task keeps you fit and active.

Unfortunately, the technology has made us passive and we do not do any manual work that can keep us healthy and active. One has to spend some of his leisure time in doing some physical task to keep him good, active and alive.

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