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Idea of Lowering Blood sugar to tackle Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the progressive illnesses that can be controlled with effective strategies. It has been noticed that people are unaware about the condition and symptom of diabetes. As per survey there have been 26 million people in USA who are diabetic with type 2. However as per ADA (American Diabetes Association) there are about 6 million people who don’t know they are diagnosed with diabetes type 2. This condition is alarming and blood sugar and diabetes is among top causes of death in the world and 6th major cause of death in United States of America. Of course diabetes has become a growing and global epidemic. It is not limited to adults but kids are also suffering from this chronic illness. As per research, the numbers of diabetic patients will increase to 300 million by the end of year 2025. The risk of death in patient with diabetes is twice as it is in non-diabetic people. The type 2 diabetes is one of the insidious diseases. If you are suffering from it, your doctor will suggest you change in lifestyle pertaining to change in eating habits, some exercise along with some medications. Sugar level stabilize the medications will help to maintain and stabilize the blood sugar level to normal limits all the time. Research was conducted to explain why it is important to regulate and stabilize your blood sugar level.

According to (ADA) America Diabetes Association, the type 2 of diabetes happens when human body requires glucose (sugar) for fuel. It is quite a complicated process. However it is important to know that why does a person suffering from diabetes, it happens when human body is not able to remove glucose from your blood. It occurs when human body becomes insensitive to insulin or delays in responding to blood sugar. The high level of blood sugar makes bad impact on your blood vessels. In long term, this progressive and slow process can harm your sensation in feet and legs, loss of eye vision, heart issues, and stroke and kidney failure. It is important to note down that both high level of blood sugar and low level of blood sugar is not good for your health.

If your blood sugar level is low it will lead towards hypoglycemia. It leads patients to risk of unconsciousness and confusion. And it can be life threatening. However change in opposite direction; let’s say high level of blood sugar can cause you dehydration and fatigue. As per medical research it has been released that controlling diabetes leads to lessen the risk of stroke, heart issues and cardiovascular issues. Now the question arises what strategies are required to stabilize the blood sugar level as we know high and low blood sugar level is life threatening. However change in lifestyle can help you to manage and control your blood sugar level on consistence basis.

type 2 diabetes

Schedule your meal

It is important for the patient to schedule their diet. Eating balance diet is crucial for the diabetes patient. One should take balance diet and do regular exercise. However doing regular exercise with regular blood checkup is best way to track your blood sugar. Always stay in touch with your doctor.


One of the best strategies to stabilize and balance your blood sugar is to do regular exercise. The patient must follow a regular program to do exercise. It will manage your sugar level and with the passage of time your fitness level will improve. Following a 12 week fitness and exercise program that include thrice a day exercise will improve your sugar level and assist in managing diabetes.

Weight loss

If you feel your weight is excessive, you need to lose your weight in order to stabilize the level of blood sugar. It is important to know that for some people it is good to lose few pounds as it will help in stabilizing blood sugar.

Drink Wisely

In order to maintain balance and stabilize your blood sugar it is important for patient to drink wisely. Don’t use alcohol as it can increase the blood sugar level. You must take juice and fresh fruits on regular basis.


If medication is required, do it after the recommendation of your doctor.

If you follow the above stated strategies it can help you control and stabilize your blood sugar level.

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