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You can reverse type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the major diabetic issues in the world at the moment. According to a recent survey it has been revealed that about 26 million people in US are having type 2 diabetes. The rate is alarming and there are several many factors that leads to diabetes but that isn’t concern of discussion at the moment. You have heard a lot about diabetes so do I, diabetes is considered as progressive illness. You might not get better as things will get worse with the passage of time (if it is not controlled). One of the best ways to tackle diabetes is to slow the rate of it, keep diabetes in control. But however it has been notice that a lot of researches have been conducted to prove you can reverse type 2 diabetes. As per expert point of view the type 2 of diabetes can be controlled easily with the help of proper exercise and diet. But people are not willing to follow the difficult and natural part of controlling type 2 of diabetes as they eager to move to pills and insulin resistance. According to a survey it has been observed that the use of insulin is greater than ever in treatment of diabetes. But generally it is considered that this is chronic illness that can be controlled but can’t be cure.

If you are told that you will not be able to reverse this progressive illness, it will shatter your confidence and hope. But the reality is different the people who are having type 2 of diabetes can reverse it. Of course there is always a second chance that life gives you. How to reverse diabetes is not found in any compound pill but it can only available in your meal.


Balance diet to reverse your type 2 diabetes

You can reverse your diabetes by improving your way of eating. Eating balance diet will maintain your blood sugar level in balance and it will lead to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. It helps to enhance liver detoxification that is major to avoid and reverse the diabetes and insulin resistance. You must adopt eating habit that is rich in fiber and you must add vegetables and fruits to your diet because they are low in sugar. Omega 3 fats, soy products, seeds, olive oil and nuts could help you to keep your diabetes in control. Using these food items each day will help you to reverse your insulin resistance and diabetes. To be more specific about your meal there are some tips that you need to follow

  • Schedule your meal each day at the same time
  • In breakfast use proteins like eggs, omega 3 and butter
  • Make habit of eating something after every 4 hours it will keep your glucose and insulin level normal
  • Take protein snack in morning, afternoon (almonds and nuts)
  • Eat 2 hours before going to bed

Manage stress and manage diabetes

Stress is one of the important factors that imbalance our blood sugar. It prompts your insulin resistance, increase inflammation, and boost weight gain and leads to diabetes. It is always suggested for patients to stay relax and do exercise to reduce stress. Anti-stress exercise includes hot baths, yoga, massage, breathing, hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery and even making love in bed.

Use medication if required

For patient it is important to use medication if they think it is necessary. To reverse your diabetes it is important for you to control it first. There are a lot of medications available in the market that proved to be a success in controlling diabetes. Each of the medicine is divided in to different class and they have their own effects.

Glucophage is considered as one of the best medicine to enhance your insulin resistance. It will assist you to reduce the blood sugar level and it will lead to improve response of cell to insulin.

Insulin is the last effort if you feel you are not getting better and all other ways are failed. Diabetes now days are also affecting kids and adults at the same pace. You need to consult your doctor regularly and change your lifestyle. It will help you to get rid of this disease.

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